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What’s Voice Box?

Performing poetics or what is termed as “Spoken Word Art,” is becoming big in Canada and the US. Some spoken word icons, like the amazing Iesha Jaco and Gina Loring, have been working to showcase this genre of work for years. It’s an art form we truly support here at InRetro – and one we’re eager to share with site visitors, as well as listeners to our radio station.  During our Voice Box shows, which will air on the InRetro Radio podcast – as well as being covered in InRetro Magazine, Spoken Word Artists perform in front of a live audience – all in the name of inspiration.

Below are two examples of Spoken Word Art – One with music and one that simply stands on its own. If this inspires you – if this is something you would like to do or something you’ve already done and you’ve have done it well, we challenge you to submit your own work for consideration in our Voice Box Feature – here online as well as in person for our upcoming InRetro Live Coffee House Series Events. Details and entry form below the following examples:

Be Inspired.  Because this is what a voice box does:

Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam. You may remember him guest starring on House.

Gina Loring, appearing once again on “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry in Los Angeles.”